Posted :3/12/2010
Modified :7/3/2020
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A very big Thank you to all who have sold me comics before. LONG TIME COLLECTOR and READER Looking to buy .10,.12,.15,.20 and some .25 cent cover priced Comic book collections mostly wanting from 1977 and OLDER but will consider some larger MODERN BULK YEAR 1998 and up collections. All types and publishers such as MARVEL, D. C., TIMELY, ATLAS, HARVEY, GOLD KEY and E. C. FAIR CASH Prices paid and BASED ON THE GRADE/CONDITION, AGE and TITLE of the COMIC BOOK. Titles such as Amazing Spider-man, Hulk, X-men, Green Lantern, Fantastic Four, Batman, SGT ROCK, Detective and Superman ect. Also buying some toy collections such as HASBRO TRANSFORMERS, G. I. JOE and STAR WARS. I will buy any COMMON BULK 80's and 90's Star Wars figures on card/ in package even if you have 1000 figures. Thanks. CASH PAID.