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Kingsport Police Department offers new “Safe Exchange Zone” service to citizens

Effective immediately, two parking spaces are under video surveillance, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year, with parking being restricted to a 15 minute time limit. This is located in the parking lot behind Kingsport City Hall, located at 225 West Center Street, adjacent to the Kingsport Justice Center. “Safe Exchange Zone” offers a clearly marked, well-lit, and very public spot, under constant video surveillance, strategically located adjacent to the Kingsport Police Department, as a site to conduct these person to person transactions.

This gives citizens a safe place to conduct transactions with other individuals. Potentially strangers who've they've never met, or with whom they expect potential problems. This proactive approach of offering a “Safe Exchange Zone” to the citizens will help continue this positive cycle in Kingsport.

Here is a link for further information:

All information comes from the Kingsport Police Department

Posted : 5/19/2017

You Spoke, We Listened

You may have noticed that theEclassifeds received an overhaul in the 4th quarter of 2016. This effort is to create a unified platform for the mobile and desktop experience. These changes included:

  • a new grid view so you can see larger images.
  • adopting the mobile image posting functionality site wide to remove Flash.
  • a cleaner interface that is truly responsive to all devices.
  • a new navigation to cluster categories in a more logical manner.
  • and many small fixes and adjustments throughout.

Some of these changes caused a few of you some issues and we worked to correct many of those. We are still working to improve the site and also beginning work on some new features for 2017. These features will make selling your items easier and tailor the buying experience to you. We will be looking for your feedback on these new features, so keep an eye out for the feedback tab.

- We will make sure you can close it this time ;-)

Posted : 5/12/2017