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TN/VA Handgun Safety/Permit Class

Posted :2/20/2024
Modified :5/4/2024
Seller :criticaledgetrainingllc@gmail.com
Phone :4233066115
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Price :$65.00

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Threats to personal safety are on the rise. Danger lurks around the corner everywhere we go. We cover laws regarding personal defense, legal carry of handguns, handgun safety, marksmanship, as well as scenario training. Make sure you are prepared if the need arises to defend yourself, family or friends.

We have a Handgun Safety/Carry Permit class scheduled for Saturday, 11 May 2024. 

***We are participating in the State of TN Rebate program for TN residents who are 1st time TN Enhanced class participants.***

All class information and class registration can be found on our web site.