Tips for successful selling


  • Short precise ads work better. theEclassifieds.com allows longer ads, but that does not mean you need to place longer ads. Give only the REAL FACTS about your product.
  • Your primary goal should only be to get the prospective customer to contact you for more information. DO NOT try to sell your customer on your product in your ad. Just lead them to you.
  • Add clear photos to your ads. Ads with photos sell faster. theEclassifieds.com allows three photos per item.
  • Include the right PRICE- where possible.
  • Post your item only in the correct category (Please let us know if you need a category added to the list)
  • Make your product appear unique to all other similar items that are listed.
  • Spark an interest or curiosity with your item; make someone want to know more about your item.
  • Use a descriptive title that will interest the reader, use the ad to spark curiosity. People don't search for "This is the Best!" or "For Sale" "Free" "Reduced". Avoid ALL CAPS.
  • Refresh your items once a week until they are sold. As in all advertising, you have one chance to grab the customer.
  • Do not SPAM your ads, that is post the same ad over and over and over and over and over and over...get the point?. In addition, research has shown that customers who see the same ad many times in a row do not respond. NO ONE likes a spammer.
  • Have you received any phone calls or emails regarding your item? How many times has your item being clicked on? If your ad does not attract results, change the wording with the next posting. Find the words that get you results.
  • Make sure your contact information are always up-to date. Click on edit account to update/change personal details.
  • Use action words (i.e. Now, Amazing, Attractive, Confidential, etc.). These words call the customer to do something.
  • Never reply to suspicious emails or callers. Do not transfer anything to a buyer until you have the cash in your hand. If possible, document (save emails) all the messages, transactions between you and the buyer. See the section on Spam/Scam above.

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