What is a Bot & how can I set mine up?


Our Bots help you find items of interest with less effort. Set up your Bot to watch for new postings in the categories you're most interested in. Every morning, your Bot compiles all the new postings in the categories you selected and sends them to you in a single, organizaed email. With Bots, you don't have to check the site every day to find great deals.

Bots are also helpful to sellers. A seller can program their Bot to send a second email every morning with the number of people who clicked on their postings the previous day. This helps sellers frame their items with the most effective item title and description. Descriptive titles help sell your items best.

Setting up your Bot

  1. Login to theEClassifieds.
  2. Locate the "Bots" button at the upper right corner of the main screen. The button has a robot face on it (but it looks a little like a bug).
  3. Click the Bots button.
  4. Check off the categories you're interested in on the subsequent screen (your settings are not saved until you click the Submit button at the bottom).
  5. (Sellers: check the Activate" checkbox at the right to begin receiving your reports). You can receive both types of Bot reports (Buyer & Seller).
  6. Click Submit to save your selections. You can revisit your Bot programming at any time.

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